What does Wholesale Audio Club provide for my company?

We provide wholesale consumer electronics products, drop shipping solutions and wholesale membership services that will help expand your business.

What types of wholesale products can my company get?

Just about everything in the consumer electronics category. Your business also has additional wholesale options depending on which wholesale membership package you select. You may add wholesale music instruments as well as wholesale general consumer merchandise.

Is drop shipping available for e-commerce sellers?

Yes. Your business will have thousands of wholesale products available to be drop shipped directly to your customers.

Are there inventory feeds and downloads to help load my web store?

Yes. Your business will have several options regarding product downloads.

How long has Wholesale Audio Club been in business?

Wholesale Audio Club started in 1999.We are approaching 17 years in business.

I am interested but I would like to read some reviews.

No worries. We are highly rated with a bunch of reviews going back many years available on our Trust Link page. https://www.trustlink.org/Reviews/Wholesale-Audio-Club-USA-205968045

After I sign up, does Wholesale Audio Club provide additional support or sourcing help and coaching?

Yes. We are happy to work with you 1-on-1 over the phone and email to help you get the greatest results from your membership.

Are there any monthly or yearly fee's?

No. Once you are a member, you never have to pay again. All wholesale and drop ship memberships are a one time admin fee only. (Well worth the small investment)

Do I need a Tax I.D. or business license to join Wholesale Audio Club?

Yes. Real wholesale distributors always require you to have some type of business document(s) to prove that you are a business and not just buying wholesale for personal use. We recommend checking with your state capital and or the IRS for specific information about what your particular company will need. Many different types of business documents are accepted to qualify you as a re-seller.

Are there big minimum order requirements?

No. You will not be pressured to order huge quantities of products. Usually just a few hundred dollars will open up your wholesale products account(s)

If I do want to buy in quantity, is there a price break?

Yes. The more you buy, the lower the wholesale price will be.

What are some of the ways that the current dealers sell products?

Many different ways. Online through e-bay & amazon, through their own website, in their storefront, through a swap meet, to friends, family & co workers.

Does Wholesale Audio Club offer a guarantee on their products and wholesale membership packages?

Yes. We will make sure you are taken good care of and if you are not satisfied, we will credit your card back for the amount of the membership. ( 60 day policy )

How quick will I get my username and password to access the wholesale distributors portal once I join?

Very quickly. The same day if you join by 3 PM.Otherwise, 24 hours max.

How quickly will I begin to hear from your group of wholesale warehouses?

Within 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes within 10 minutes.

Who do I call to sign up?

Contact our office at (951) 319-8485Ask for the manager Kelly. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Your account will be set up rapidly.