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What is drop shipping?

Looking for a quality eCommerce website ?  Are you ready to start an online business? E-commerce online sales can be very rewarding. You will need the following in order to be successful.

  • The willingness to work on your eCommerce website business daily. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they “just have a website” sales will flow in. This is not the case.
  • Connect with real wholesale distributors & dropshippers.  Be sure that the distributors you choose require a tax id or business license and that they are not easily found online.
  • If you connect with wholesalers and drop shipping companies that are easily found, your level of competition will be high. You must uncover and connect with hidden distributors.
  • Find a niche. instead of loading your eCommerce website with 100,000 products, find a niche of products that you have a real passion for. List only those items on your website.
  • Find a trustworthy credit card processor. Rates vary from bank to bank. Check around and choose a well known and respected processor. Check their reviews before you make the choice.
  • Have a professional web designer build a real quality website with a trusted shopping cart. Free websites and cheap options are not going to get the results you want.
  • If you are serious about your venture and want to own a custom built eCommerce website, get in touch with us at (951)319-8485 or email us at Support@WholesaleAudioClub.Net
  • Advertise! You must advertise your eCommerce website ! Be sure you are working with a professional and capable SEO team. Find low cost advertising options. They are out there!
  • Join with Wholesale Audio Club and select 1 of 3 membership packages. Our membership packages are designed to get your eCommerce website business connected with multiple real wholesale sources.

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Bottom line: If you are serious about your new venture & eCommerce website, you must produce a quality website & connect with real wholesale & drop ship distributors. Find a niche. Work on your eCommerce website daily. Promote your eCommerce website. Never give up! Rome wasn’t built in 1 day. Connect with professionals that have learned all the necessary moves to make and more importantly, the moves not to make. Our team of experts are here for you. Give us a call. Lets put together a plan of action for your business. Contact Wholesale Audio Club Here. We will quickly connect your business with audio & electronics wholesale distributors and wholesale drop shippers. For those of you who selected the GOLD Package, your business will have additional distributors and drop shippers for general consumer merchandise!


Keep in mind, please always check the online reviews of any drop shipper, web designer, credit card processor etc. There are plenty of shady organizations out there. Please avoid them!   Thanks, WSAC NET

What is eCommerce ?

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